Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 from EMC’s Royal Couple

Happy Valentine’s Day from Egyptian Chronicles to those who still believe in love on the surface of that big sad planet called earth.
I will seize this opportunity and share a couple of photos for my favorite Royal Egyptian Couple of all times at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo "EMC": Prince Rahotep and his wife Nefret.
Famous Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret Statues at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
Prince Rahotep and his wife Nefret "ignore my shadow" 
I told you before that the Old Kingdom’s statues gave a shock to the workers who discovered them as they thought they were alive.
Prince Rahotep was a prince from the Fourth dynasty.
He is widely believed by most archeologists that he was the son of King Snefru and the brother of King Khufu.
I remember reading at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo that he was an army commander but his Wikipedia page says that he was a high priest of Ra at Heliopolis according to the titles inscribed on his statue.
Maybe he was both.

After the break, there is a close-up photo of the two without my shadow thanks to a tip given by an Egyptian guide who saw me try in vain in taking a photo without my shadow.

Famous Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret Statues at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
A close look at the Royal couple after knowing a secret way to snap their photos without reflections 
By the way, that couple is the best answer to that ongoing debate about Nefertiti's skin color.
As you can see, Rahotep was a brown man whereas Nefret was white according to the Western definitions.

The statues of Rahotep and Nefret were found at his tomb in Meidum in 1871 by archeologist and Egyptian Museum’s famous curator Auguste Mariette Pasha. “After I wrote a post paying my respect for his work, I found out that he was against teaching archeology to Egyptians.”
I am praying that they are left alone at Tahrir museum, at their place in the Old Kingdom partition and not to be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum.
Anyhow Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. Happy V-day to Rahotep and Nefret, to Z, and to all her readers.

  2. So what was the tip he gave you? .....:)


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